Group counseling activities for international students in our university

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陕西快乐10分开奖结果 In order to cultivate the team spirit of international students and enhance the exchange between them, the "group counseling activities for international students" sponsored by the Youth League Committee of the University, the International College and the Marxism college were successfully held in the Liren track and field and the stormy basketball playground respectively.

The first activity was successfully held in Liren track and field on March 16. All 2018 level international students jointly carried out "ten people and eleven feet", "heart to heart" and "ultimate brand tearing" expansion training projects. The purpose of the preliminary competition of "ten people and eleven feet", "kangaroo jump", "invincible wind fire wheel" and "hula hoop roller coaster" is to shape the friendship between foreign students. "Chopsticks for many people", "heart to heart", "water pouring game" and "sitting up" shaped the ability of international students to abide by the rules, unite and cooperate. The final game of "legs and legs", "passing the flower ball skillfully", "drawing, passing and guessing words" and "ultimate brand tearing" not only cultivates team spirit, but also improves their sense of cooperation and competition.

The second activity was successfully held in the stormy basketball court on December 4, and all 2019 level international students participated in the group counseling activity. As the end of the semester is approaching, there is a lot of test pressure. The focus of this activity is to help foreign students release the pressure and develop their ability to bravely face the challenges of study and life. "Big ring sets small ring", "one ring goes to the end", "Malan blossom", "we are the best team" and other activities once again focus on the organization ability, rule-abiding awareness and team cooperation ability of overseas students.

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