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Chongqing University of Science and Technology is a full-time public university of general education. It was from two former central ministerial schools - Chongqing Industrial College and Chongqing Petroleum College (the key construction school of National Model Higher Engineering College), which started in 1951. In May 2004, it was officially approved by the Ministry of Education. The university is the pilot unit of the national Excellent Engineer Education and Training Plan, the vice president unit of the National Applied-Technology University (College) Alliance, the vice president unit of the National Newly-built Undergraduate College Alliance, and the director unit of the Transformation and Development Alliance of Chongqing's Universities. It is rated as the national typical university about innovation and entrepreneurship education ,and the national education reform demonstration university on deepening innovation and entrepreneurship . In 2018, the University became a master's degree awarding unit.

The university covers a total area of approximately 140 hectares and a total construction area of 600,000  square meters,with teaching facilities worth 458 million RMB Yuan . Located in the university town of Shapingba District, Chongqing, the university is the intellectual core of Chongqing's Science City, and also an important hinterland of National (Western) Science and Technology Innovation Center. It is adjacent to Gele Mountain National Forest Park and Jinyun Mountain National Forest Park , with unique geographical advantages and strong supporting facilities for learning, living and cultural sports.Its library with the construction area of over 42,000 square meters possesses a collection of nearly 2.94 million books and a wide range of digital resources. The university has been rewarded as the first batch of Chongqing Civilized Campus, and Chongqing Garden School.

At present, there are more than 1500 faculty members and 1200 full-time teachers in the university, including 3 academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences or Chinese Academy of engineering, 610 senior professional teachers, more than 400 doctors. there are 120 members of the Teaching Steering Committee of Ministry of Education ,National Technical Expert, Academic or Industial Technology Leaders of Chongqing, and Meritocrat of Chongqinq or Bayu Scholar, and etc. At present, there are more than 20000 full-time students, including more than 400 graduate students and more than 300 international students. In the past four years, the employment rate of graduates has remained above 92%.

The university is composed of sixteen college: petroleum and natural gas engineering, metallurgy and materials engineering, mechanical and power engineering, electrical engineering, chemistry and chemical engineering, construction engineering, safety engineering (emergency management), Marxism, business administration, law and politics and economics, mathematics and big data, foreign languages, arts and humanities, sports , intelligent technology and engineering, and vocational and Technical normal college (college of continuing education, self-taught examination). There are master degree programs in petroleum and natural gas engineering, safety engineering, geological engineering , metallurgical engineering and chemistry, 62 undergraduate programs in petroleum engineering, metallurgical engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, computer science and technology, chemical engineering and technology, civil engineering, safety engineering, accounting, international economy and trade, mathematics and applied mathematics, english, art design, and etc . Among them, petroleum engineering and metallurgical engineering are national characteristic majors and also first-class undergraduate majors of Chongqing ,Petroleum engineering, metallurgical engineering, oil and gas storage and transportation engineering, inorganic non-metallic material engineering and automation are national excellent engineer education and training program majors. There are 5 municipal specialty groups and 16 municipal specialty groups.8 majors have passed Engineering Education Professional Certification (Evaluation) , and entered the "first array" of global engineering education.

In the recent twice teaching achievement awards, the university has won 1 prize of national teaching achievement, 14 prizes of provincial and ministerial teaching achievement in total. 2 national Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers , 1 national Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center and 4 national Engineering Practice Education Centers have been built. "Hydraulic transmission technology" is national excellent course, "data structure and algorithm" is national bilingual teaching demonstration course, "open the oil window" is national excellent video open course. students have achieved excellent results in various disciplines competitions at the national or provincial levels, and won more than 2000 provincial and ministerial awards.

The university is mainly focused on engineering fields featuring petroleumm,chemistry,metallurgy,material science,mechanics,elecronics,safety and environmental protection,the breath of its academic endeavor covers sciences,engineering,economics,management,laws,humanities and arts.It is characerized by coordinated development of multiple disciplines,proinent competitive advantages in industries and distinctive feanture in academics,ang it holds tremendous potential for further progress.There are five provincial and ministerial  key disciplines, including oil and gas engineering, material science and engineering, mechanical engineering, control science and engineering, safety science and engineering, five provincial and ministerial level key laboratories, including exploration and development of complex oil and gas fields, nano micro composite materials and devices, monitoring of non mine safety and major hazard sources, occupational hazard detection and identification, industrial fermentation microorganisms, and unconventional oil There are 3 key laboratories in Chongqing universities, including gas field development, industrial process online analysis and control, value-added processing and clean extraction of complex metal mineral resources, including 1 provincial and ministerial level Collaborative Innovation Center, 7 engineering technology research centers, 3 engineering research centers, 1 Social Science Research Center, and 3 popular science bases. Since 2011, it has undertaken nearly 100 national level projects such as the National 863 major project, the National Natural Science Foundation and the National Social Science Foundation, and has obtained nearly 1300 authorized patents, invention patents, utility model patents, software copyright registration, and design. It has nearly 120 academic works, and nearly 2200 papers have been cited in SCI and EI )Etc. Since 2012, the annual scientific research funds have exceeded 100 million yuan. The University's scientific research achievements have won more than 60 national science and technology progress awards, provincial and ministerial level and above science and technology progress awards such as national technology invention. Among them, the "R & D and application of ultra deep water semi submersible drilling platform" offshore oil 981 "participated in and completed won the special prize of 2014 National Science and technology progress award, and" key technology and application of mechanical grate type domestic waste incineration power generation "was awarded the innovation achievement award of China industry university research cooperation.

Actively carry out cooperation in running schools and scientific research at home and abroad, and cooperate with Washington University of the United States, Veracruz University of Mexico, national Changyuan University of South Korea, University of eberstevis of the United Kingdom, Laurier University of Canada, Central University of Taiwan, Chongqing University, Beijing University of science and technology, China University of petroleum, Southwest Petroleum University, Xi'an University of science and technology, and the PLA military service More than 60 colleges and universities, including the school of business, have established cooperative relationships in teaching, scientific research and talent training; relying on the industry, the school has signed strategic agreements with more than 300 well-known enterprises at home and abroad, including CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, WISCO, sinal, Chongqing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., kavanta energy company of the United States, IADC, etc.

We have carried out the party's educational policy in an all-round way, adhered to the educational concept of all-round development, following the law and governing the school according to law, and committed to creating a good living, learning and research environment for the healthy growth and all-round development of students. We have successively sent more than 100000 talents of all kinds at all levels to the society. Cultural and Art Festival, innovation and entrepreneurship Festival, sports and Culture Festival and national traditional culture series, modern university culture series "three sections and two series" activities, as well as social investigation, voluntary service and college students' culture, science, technology and health "three rural" activities, "red may youth talent" theme series activities, English speech competition, computer skills competition, college students' extracurricular scientific and technological works The competition is colorful. Students have won more than 400 national awards in domestic competitions such as college students' mathematical modeling, electronic design and production, robotics, sports and competitive dance, among which, in 2015, they won the Ninth World online steelmaking competition championship, in 2016, they won the top 5 of the 10th World online steelmaking competition in Mainland China, and in 2017, they won the silver medal in the 44th world skills competition. The school adheres to the school running tenet of "establishing morality and people, seeking truth and innovation, carrying literature and road, serving the country and the people", vigorously carries forward the school spirit of "entrepreneurship, innovation and excellence creation", closely adheres to the school running orientation of "industry, locality, openness and application-oriented", deeply implements the development strategy of "building a school with characteristics, prospering the school with culture, and strengthening the school with talents", and establishes that it is necessary to build a school with unique characteristics Ming, well-known at home, to the international high-level characteristics of the University of science and technology objectives. Standing at a new historical starting point and shouldering a new historical mission, the university takes Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era as its guide, firmly adheres to the direction of socialist education, adheres to the whole process of all-round education, strives to compose a new chapter of reform and development, and unremittingly strives to build a high-level application-oriented university of science and technology as soon as possible!

(updated December 2019)

Address: No. 20, East University town road, Shapingba district, Chongqing.     Postcode: 401331

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