Academician Zhou Shouwei attends the work meeting of GAGD technology development of offshore super heavy oil / oil sand thermal recovery, and gives instructions

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陕西快乐10分开奖结果 [Text by School of Petroleum Engineering Photos by Weng Tianyi, a student correspondent of Department of Publicity] In the morning of October 23, a work meeting of GAGD technology development of offshore super heavy oil / oil sand thermal recovery was held in conference room 206 of the Office Building. Zhou Shouwei, vice chairman of China Association of Science and Technology, Chief Technical Advisor of CNOOC and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Yin Huachuan, the President, Gan Qin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, and Liu Shanghai, a vice president attended the meeting, and the heads of executive departments such as Scientific Research Affairs Department, Laboratories and Equipment Management Department and School of Petroleum Engineering attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Liu Shanghai.

Wang Yafeng, deputy General Manager of Hainengfa Safety and Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. Li Qingping, Chief Engineer of flow safety of CNOOC Research Institute, Lin Shaohong, manager of Technology and Information Department of CNOOC Tianjin Branch, Zhu Guojin, Chief Engineer of Development Institute of CNOOC Research Institute, Fu Qiang, director of General Management of China Marine Resources Development Strategy Research Center of CNOOC Research Institute, Tang Xiaoxu, manager of oil production engineering of Production Department of CNOOC Tianjin Branch, Yu Xiaolong, manager of Market Operation Department of Hainengfa Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Qin Wei, senior director of Technology and Information Department of CNOOC Tianjin Branch, Zou Jian, director of Oil Production Process Research Institute of Bohai Petroleum Research Institute, LV Xin, Chief Engineer of Hydrate Laboratory of CNOOC Research Institute, Zhu Junlong, an engineer of Technology R&D Center of CNOOC Research Institute, and Zhou Fayuan, an engineer of Oil Production Process Institute of Bohai Petroleum Research Institute were invited to attend the meeting.

Gan Qin, on behalf of the University, extended a warm welcome to academician Zhou Shouwei and his team for guidance, introduced the main achievements of the University and the School of Petroleum Engineering in recent two years, and expressed heartfelt thanks to academician Zhou Shouwei, CNOOC and other relevant enterprises who strongly supported the construction of our laboratories and disciplines.

Academician Zhou Shouwei fully affirmed the development of the Offshore Heavy Oil Thermal Recovery and GAGD Laboratory in our university, pointed out directions for its future development, and arranged the next step of development of GAGD technology field test and engineering prototype.

Yin Huachuan said that in the future, our university will continue to fully support the laboratory construction from personnel, financial and hardware aspects, adding new and strong impetus to the development of petroleum and natural gas engineering discipline.

At the meeting, Qi Zhilin, Dean of the School of Petroleum Engineering, introduced the progress of the Super Heavy Oil / Oil Sand Thermal Recovery and GAGD Laboratory, Zou Jian introduced the application of heavy oil thermal recovery technology in CNOOC Tianjin Branch, and Lv Xin introduced the research progress of new technology of offshore heavy oil supercritical water gasification multiple thermal fluid thermal recovery. Subsequently, the participants had in-depth exchanges and achieved important consensus concerning further construction plan of the laboratory, the key technology and application prospects of GAGD.

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