Our university held a seminar on the development of digital cutting-edge key technologies

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陕西快乐10分开奖结果 www.ijpderma.com On December 10, 2019 Digital Frontier key technology development seminar was held in the academic exchange center of our university.

This seminar is sponsored by the school of intelligent technology and engineering of our university, and co organized by Chongqing University Key Laboratory of industrial process online analysis and control, Chongqing industrial online analysis and big data application engineering technology research center, semiconductor intelligent lighting and Application Engineering Research Center of Chongqing University, intelligent security Chongqing 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center, etc. the conference is co organized by Chongqing University of science and technology Professor Peng Jun, Professor Liao Xiaofeng of Chongqing University and Professor pangshaoning of Unitec Institute of technology of New Zealand jointly presided over the meeting. The executive vice president of the school of intelligent technology and engineering delivered a speech on behalf of the school. More than 60 experts from inside and outside the school and representatives of teachers and students attended the meeting.

In recent years, with the in-depth development of data technology and the increasing application of the industry, driven by the national innovation strategy, China has created endless new digital technologies, and the collision and integration of different technologies is an important way to make new progress in future technology. In this context, this seminar focuses on the key hot technologies in the current digital process, including artificial intelligence, information security, blockchain, big data analysis, machine learning, computer vision, virtual reality, etc. The seminar invited Professor Pang Shaoning of Unitec Institute of technology, New Zealand (distinguished professor of Bayu overseas talent introduction program), Professor Xiang Tao of Chongqing University, Professor Li Chuandong of Southwest University, Professor Song Qiankun of Chongqing Jiaotong University, Professor Liu Yongguo of University of Electronic Science and technology, Associate Professor Tang Fei of Chongqing University of Posts and telecommunications, Dr. Kang Zhao of University of Electronic Science and technology, Professor Huang Junjian of Chongqing second normal university Professor Liao Xiaofeng, Dean of the school of computer science of Chongqing University and a Yangtze River scholar, attended the seminar as a special guest and gave academic guidance.

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