Xu Huan, a Student of CQUST , Won the World Championship in the 14th World Simulated Steelmaking Challenge.

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陕西快乐10分开奖结果 www.ijpderma.com The 14th World Simulated Steelmaking Challenge ended on the evening of April 21. Under the careful guidance of the professors, Xu Huan, a metallurgical engineering junior from the School of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering of our university, worked hard and won the championship of the 14th World Simulated Steelmaking Challenge with outstanding performance. Xu is the second world champion from CQUST since 2015 when our students won the championship of the World Online Steelmaking Competition.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Steelmaking Challenge final was held online, which is the first time that the competition has been held online remotely on a global scale. According to the epidemic prevention requirements of the university, the participating professors and students returned to school in advance on April 3rd to prepare for the competition in the midst of theepidemic . Zhang Qianying, the instructor leading the team,overcame great difficulties and guided the students in activelypreparing for the competition so as to to achieve excellent performance for a second time.

It is understood that students of our university have been champions of the Chinese Division for six consecutive years in the World Simulated Steelmaking Challenge. In 2006, C QUST students won all top 5 places on the Chinese mainland in 2016 and have won the world championship twice.

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