Meeting of Cadres Held at Chongqing University of Science and Technology Declared the Appointment and Removal of the Main Leaders of the School Party Committee

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陕西快乐10分开奖结果 On April 16th, a meeting of leading cadres was held in the school lecture hall , and declared the appointment and removal of the Secretary of Party Committee of Chongqing University of Science and Technology.


The announcement removal of comrade Liu Dongyan and the appointement of comrade Li Delong was read out at the meeting, which stated that comrade Li Deming received the appointment as the member of the Party Committee, member of Standing Committee, and Party Secretary of Chongqing University of Science and Technology, and the above duties of comrade Liu Dongyan were removed.

The representative of Chongqing Municipal Organization Department addressed the commission. He first acknowledged the progress the university has made in terms of reform and development. Then the representative stated the hope for CQUST that it should further study and practice Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, thoroughly implement the spirit and guidelines of the Eighth Plenary Session of the fifth CPC Municipal Committee so as to further advancereform and development. The first guideline is to strengthen the overall leadership of the Party and ensure the school's progressive steps in the right and healthy direction. The second guildline is to make conscious efforst to organize the committee and take the lead, helping to create an atmosphere of fairness and impartiality. The third is to firmly promote high quality development, and strive for new progress and new elevation in regards to university operation and management. Fourth, to shoulder more resolutely the responsibility of managing and governing the party committee. The new achievement of party building shall lead the way of educational development.

Speaking on behalf of the Chongqing Municipal Education Committee and Municipal Education Commission, the representative comrade underlined the following three points of request when addressing the conference. The first is to study and follow the spirit and guildlines of the committee conference. To pass on the gist of the meeting to cadres, faculty members and students, so their thoughts and actions could be effectively united to implement the decisions of the Municipal Party Committee. The second request is to strengthen grass-roots party building, and ideological and political work. The leadership of ideological work should be firmly grasped; the project of "elevating the quality of ideological and political work" should be vigorously implemented; grass-roots party building should be further strengthened, and measures of building a clean and honest government should be effectively taken. The third request is that efforts should be made to address to the priorities. Coordination should be made on epidemic prevention and control, preparations for school opening, and service for local economic development.

Liu Dongyan expressed his determination of embracing the decision from the Municipal Committee, and extended his gratitude for the education and cultivation of the Party, for serving at a great time, and for the trust and encouragement from the faculty, the students and the whole school community. He gave an emotion-laden speech, looking back on his study years and working experience. Liu said the wonderful times he had spent participating in promoting the reform and development of the school would be cherished forever, and he would continually pay attention to future development of CQUST.

Li Delong said in his speech that he would be firmly committed to the decision from the Municipal Party Committee and faithfully accepted the organizational arrangements. As the newly-appointed Secretary of Party Committee, he expressed his resolution to fully devote to all sectors of his duty work: the first is to improve the political awareness, enhance the “Four Consciousness”, to strengthen the “Four Self-Confidence”, and implement the "Two Maintenance". Secondly, stick to the right direction and guiding principles for running school. Third, to be a good team leader and make arduous efforts to build a strong team. Fourth, to be an open-minded learner and a diligent worker. Fifth, to strictly observe the rules and be self-disciplined.

Yin Huachuan, the president of Chongqing University of Science and Technology, noted that he firmly supported the decision from the Municipal Committee, and showed his gratitude for their care and attention to the reform and development of the school. He then expressed his sincere gratitude to Comrade Liu for all his contribution to reform and development of the school, and a warm welcome to Comrade Li Delong to be part of the team. Next, Yin made three points of pronouncement on responsibility: the first is to improve political awareness; the second is to keep all members united, and the third is to promote innovative development.

All school officials, middle-ranking cadres, leaders of non-Communist parties, representatives of labor unions and representatives of university faculty, and teachers with senior professional titles attended the meeting.

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