14 teachers and 1 team of our university have been selected into "Chongqing Talent Program" and "Chongqing Bayu Scholars Program"

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陕西快乐10分开奖结果 www.ijpderma.com [By Personnel Department and Department of Publicity] Recently, the Leading Group of Talent Work of Chongqing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and Chongqing Education Commission respectively released documents about lists of "Chongqing Talents Plan" and " ChongqingBayu Scholars Plan". 14 teachers and 1 team of our university have been selected into "Chongqing Talent Program" and "ChongqingBayu Scholars Program".

According to the spirit of A Notice on Distributing the First Batch of List of Chongqing Talents Plan (Yu Wei Ren Cai [2019] No. 4) released by the Leading Group of Talent Work of Chongqing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, there are 389 talents and 95 teams selected into the first batch of talents (teams) of Chongqing Talents Program. 5 teachers (teams) of our university have been selected into“Chongqing Talent Program". Among them, Professor Jia Bi is labeled a“Famous Teacher”in the field of education, Professor Yin Limeng and Professor Yan Zhitao are labeled“Leading Entrepreneurs”. The visual force measurement technology and integrated application innovation and entrepreneurship team led by Professor Zhou Chuande is labeled an“Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Team”, and Professor Dai Qingwei is labeled a“Top Young Talent”.

According to the spirit of A Notice of Chongqing Municipal Education Commission on the Selected List of Chongqing Scholars Program in 2019 (Yu Jiao Ren Fa [2019] No. 30), 47 were selected as Lecture Professors and 98 were selected as Young Scholars. 10 teachers of our university have been selected into the Chongqing Scholars Program. Among them, Chen Yuhua (material processing engineering major), Khoa Nguyen LE (electrical engineering major), Wang Yingxu (computer science and technology major) and Yuji Nakamura (thermal engineering major) were approved as Lecture Professors of Chongqing Scholars Program. Qin Yuelin (iron and steel metallurgy major), Wang Ruzhuan (materials science major), Chen Shiwei (disaster prevention and mitigation engineering and protection engineering major), Lv Zhongliang (mechanical engineering major), Yang Qingshan (materials science major) and Wu Wenjian (population, resource and environmental economics major) were approved as Young Scholars of ChongqingBayu Scholars Program.

In order to thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important discussion on talent work and important speech made during his visit in Chongqing, to implement more active, open and effective talent policies, and train a group of excellent talents, the Chongqing Talents Program and the Chongqing Scholars Program application and recommendation were officially launched in mid-August this year, which lasted nearly 1 month. For this purpose, our university held a special preparation meeting, actively considering competitive candidates and elaborately deploying the application and recommendation work. On the basis of early solid preparatory work, after application, recommendation by the school, review by the university expert group and other procedures, our university finally recommended 4 Famous Teachers, 6 Leading Talents of Science and Technology Innovation, 2 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Teams, 2 Leading Entrepreneurs and 23 Top Young Talents of Chongqing Talents Program as well as 11 Lecture Professors and 13 Young Scholars of ChongqingBayu Scholars Program to the governing body.

Through implementation of a series of talent support plans and talent policies, the University will give full play to the talents gathering and radiation effect of the "Chongqing Talent Program" and "ChongqingBayu Scholars Program", actively serve the development strategies of China and Chongqing, vigorously attract and cultivate a number of high-level talents, improve the overall level of the university’s talent team construction, and comprehensively improve the quality of talent training and operation level. All of these will be of great significance to realize our“CQUST Dream”as a university of science and technology with the characteristics of "four highs and one good (i.e. high level of running school, high quality of scientific research, high quality of students, high level of teachers and good social evaluation)".

It is reported that Chongqing Talent Program is an important talent project for Chongqing to further promote the initiative of revitalizing the municipality by science and education and strengthening the municipality by talents, further create a pleasing talent development environment from near and afar, and gather talents from all over the world. The program consists of five special plans for outstanding scientists, famous teachers, innovation and entrepreneurship leaders, technical skills leaders, and top young talents. The Chongqing Talent Program aims to select and support 2000 high-level talents and 500 teams in key fields and industries as scheduled over the next five years since 2019. It includes to support 100 outstanding scientists, 300 famous teachers, 900 leading talents in innovation and entrepreneurship, 500 teams, 200 leading talents in technical skills and 500 top young talents.

The ChongqingBayu Scholars Program aims to serve the construction of "double top-notch" and "double tops plan" of universities, connects the Yangtze River Scholars Award Program and Chongqing Talents Program, and promotes the "Initiative of Gathering 10000 High-end Talents". It is a leading talent project implemented in universities of Chongqing coordinated with other major municipal talent projects. The ChongqingBayu Scholars Program holds procedures to select and employ scholars once a year and carries out dynamic management. Every year, 40 distinguished professors are selected and appointed to work for 3 years; 50 lecture professors are selected and appointed to work for 3 years; 100 young scholars are selected and appointed to work for 3 years.

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